8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Using AI Now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved from science fiction into one of the most transformational technologies of our time. AI is already powering breakthrough innovations, unlocking insights, boosting efficiency, and improving experiences across every industry.

Here are 8 compelling reasons why you should be leveraging AI in your business or career today:

1. Automate Manual Tasks and Improve Productivity

AI has the power to replicate human activities and automate repetitive, high-volume tasks that are dull, dirty or dangerous. By deploying intelligent algorithms, you can easily digitize processes to reduce human effort on routine data processing, analysis, reporting, forecasting and more. This enables your team to focus their time on more fulfilling, strategic initiatives that drive growth. The productivity gains unlocked by automating manual work with AI are often staggering — some companies have improved output by over 30% in the first year alone.

2. Gain Valuable Insights From Data

AI excels at finding patterns and extracting meaning from large, complex datasets that would be impossible for humans to analyze on their own. Machine learning algorithms can process billions of data points across text, images, video, sensor data and more to detect micro-signals that offer valuable insights. Whether it’s forecasting sales, identifying high-value customers, uncovering network security threats or predicting mechanical failures, AI augments our limited human capabilities to give your organization an information advantage.

3. Deliver Personalized, Contextual Experiences

AI adds brains to products, services and interactions to interpret signals, adapt in real-time and personalize experiences to each individual user. Chatbots that understand natural language, recommendation engines that serve up relevant content, and applications that customize based on context and behaviors are all powered by AI. This creates more delightful, helpful and meaningful experiences that foster brand loyalty and satisfaction.

4. Unleash New Sources of Innovation and Creativity

While AI automates routine tasks, it also augments human capabilities and frees up time for more creative, strategic thinking. In addition, AI itself can generate fresh ideas, designs, strategies and content that humans would never conceive of on their own. This makes AI a powerful collaborative partner that both enhances and accelerates human creativity rather than replaces it. Leading companies are using AI to develop breakthrough new products, pioneering business models, clever marketing campaigns, and visionary customer experiences faster than ever before.

5. Improve Decision-Making With Unbiased Insights

Humans inevitably bring their own experiences, assumptions and biases that influence analyses and decisions. In contrast, AI applies cold, hard math to digest volumes of data and deliver unbiased, factual conclusions. By combining AI’s impartial insights with human judgment and domain expertise, organizations reduce risk and improve the accuracy of high-value predictions and decisions across the business.

6. Innovate Fearlessly to Disrupt Your Industry

In today’s experience economy, every company must think and operate like a tech startup to keep up. AI will drive many of the next big innovations that disrupt entire industries over the next decade. By embedding AI early, you empower your organization to play offense with new offerings rather than being forced into a defensive position trying to catch up later. Become an innovator that shapes the future of your industry.

7. Maintain a Competitive Edge in Your Market

The competitive necessity of AI cannot be overstated given its ability to drive dramatic improvements in products, efficiency, insights and innovation. Companies that fail to make AI a core competency will quickly fall behind. In fact, analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of companies that do not adopt AI will risk going out of business! On the other hand, a proactive AI strategy boosts your differentiation and propels your organization to a market leadership position.

8. Future-Proof Your Role, Organization and Career

We are still in the very early innings of AI’s potential as computers grow exponentially more advanced and capable of handling increasingly sophisticated tasks. By implementing AI now, you get ahead of the curve, equipping your organization and workforce with the technology, skills, processes and data pipelines necessary to take advantage of more transformative applications as they emerge. Rather than playing catch up, you’ll spend your time on innovation and strategic adoption of newly proven AI capabilities over the coming years.

The convergence of better algorithms, more training data and increased compute power is unlocking AI advances faster than ever before. The window for first-mover advantage is closing quickly. That’s why you need to be leveraging artificial intelligence now to transform your business, career and organization.

I hope these 8 compelling reasons have convinced you that implementing AI should be a top priority! Please reach out if you need any assistance getting started or have additional questions on how AI can empower your specific use case. The future starts today!