A Quick Look at Meta AI and Why I think it could kill ChatGPT!

A Quick Look at Meta AI and Why I think it could kill ChatGPT!

Meta AI was just released and here are my thoughts on why it will be successful and overtake ChatGPT.

💬 Built-in to Messenger
You don’t need to open a different app or website. Meta AI is integrated into Facebook Messenger, making it instantly accessible to billions of users worldwide. Just type and go!

💻 Internet Search Powers
While ChatGPT Free is limited to its training data, Meta AI is able to search the entire internet in real-time to find the latest information and answer queries accurately.

🖼️ Image Gen for Free
Unlike ChatGPT which is text-only generation for the free version, Meta AI offers free image generation capabilities right out of the box. Create stunning visuals with just a few prompts!

💰 Pursuing Advanced Features
Meta will pour a lot of money into expanding its capabilities when it becomes widely used. Meta also has top AI talent and resources and is one of the leaders in the AI space.

To access Meta AI, just search it in Facebook Messenger.

Like ChatGPT, it supports text generation.

It also supports Image Generation out of the box!

Comment your thoughts about Meta AI. Will it be a ChatGPT killer?