Teaching Go and AI - Exciting Times!

Teaching Go and AI - Exciting Times!

Hi everyone!

I am really happy that my recent post for my pivot about doing more content on building apps with Go and Generative AI is well-received. I already got a few messages from people asking how they can learn Go. This is getting me really excited!

For you, my audience, I'd like to hit two birds with one stone. I'll help you learn Go and at the same time get you familiarised with AI. For those who already know Go, I'll do content in parallel so you won't get bored waiting for the Go + AI stuff.

What I'll do next is post a series of blog posts for beginners and in parallel, do the AI content as well. This way, anyone doing the beginner lessons who is already comfortable with the basics of Go can jump in right away to the advanced AI coding.

So why would you learn Go?

I have been using Go for 4 years now and I love the language. I have created APIs and applications with it. For me, nothing compares to the developer experience with Go. It is superior to other languages.

Here are some reasons why I think it is the best language to learn for beginners or seasoned developers.

  • Simple and clean syntax

  • Statically-typed so you get less errors

  • Excellent tooling

  • Concurrency is easy

  • Fast Compilation and execution

  • Extensive standard library

  • Growing Ecosystem and adoption

  • Excellent Documentation and Resources

How easy it is to learn Go?

To demonstrate how easy it is to get up and running, here is a real world story.

I mentored a previous colleague who was a Senior Java Developer back then. I was able to convert him to be a Go developer. Eventually, I hired him under my team after mentoring him.

If you are a seasoned software developer, it couldn't be easier. You can learn most of the fundamentals to create an API or an app in a month.

Go (Golang) is a great choice for beginners to learn programming due to its simplicity and readability. Documentation is also great!

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